lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011

The Battle of Kadesh

Finally the battle of Kadesh was played last Saturday using WAB.2 rules at Club Dragon in Madrid

8000 points and 50 chariots at each side following a historical deployment.

Ramses Guard Division had camped near the west of an Orontes tributary  while Muwatallis deployed his Syrian and Western Chariots Divisions hidden by Kadesh at the east of Orontes river.

The hittite chariots moved to get the fords!

In the South, the Hittite Chariot Division run to get control of the fords on the Orontes.

The Syrian and Western Infantry Divisions arrives to support the Chariots.

A very crowded advance entering into a traffic jam

The Hittites Chariot Division take control of the river

Supported by its Infantry Division

The hittites crosses the Orontes and charge North to get Ramses and the egyptian camp.

But the first egyptian Meshas arrive from the South crossing the Libwi forest

The syrian chariots attack the Royal Guard supported by the western chariots and infantry

Although new egyptian Meshas continue arriving from the south

And the Reserve Chariot Division deploys North of Kadesh

And the Naharin Chariot Division deploys there too!

A view from the North

The main battle takes place around Kadesh. The Chariots not been able to cross the rivers have many difficulties to advance, as the ford is defended fiercely by the elite egyptian troops.

But then the hittite Chariots join the syrians and charge fro the flank against the egyptian Guard.

Unfortunately the syrian chariot breaks and flee pussing allies and friends. Soon all the allied centre would be running in panic against the river!

The Hittite Guard takes the defence of the south ford and repel an attack from the egyptian chariots

The syrians defeat the sherden

But the Naharin have arrived at the camp and rescue Ramses

And in the south the egyptian chariots clashes with the hittite infantry

Tha anatolians raise a monolith to the western gods (see the edge of the table) asking for their aid (NATO forces?)

But the egyptian camp is defended by the Naharin

And in the South the egyptians leave the forest near the hittite forces

The hittites have lost the surprise factor and any other advantages, and although there are plenty of available forces Muwatalli decides to send a messanger to Ramses in order to settle a truce.
The egyptians would declare themselves winners and would create propaganda...  

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  1. I'm really sorry to have missed this game but family took priority this time. As my club mates know I'm currently parting ways with WAB after the fiasco of the 2.0 release: I invested a LOT of money in a hardback copy only to find a few weeks later a 15-pages errata file published and the publisher announcing that he will discontinue the publication. So this is set of rules now lost in a void and with no future. I'm happy to explore the new options like Clash of Empires or Scarab's War& Conquest to return to the Ancient World

  2. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! That is impressive!!!! A lovely mix of the different makes and great painting...

  3. I can only agree with the words of Paul! And what a big gaming table you have there! I'm impressed!