domingo, 24 de noviembre de 2013

Mycenaean heavy infantry

Mars new set is a bit dissapointing
Odd unnatural positions, figures full of flash, spears are like a thick stick, helemet horns missing...

But once you have spent a good while cleaning converting and preparing the figures the result is not too bad

And with some paint they can be used as achean characters

Figures are a bit chunky and fat but i like them...


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  1. Wow, you make them look pretty good...

  2. They look good painted up. Do they just have a lot of flash and bizarre weapon lengths like the Caribbean Pirates?

    1. They do... specially the shields covered by flash and thick plastic, the spears look like a thick pointless stick and some horned helmets have lost one of the horns! Besides that armour and cloth detail is quite good. Figures look a bit fat and odd but that is due to the dendras armour which seems like a bronze bell.

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