domingo, 26 de mayo de 2013

Wilusa (Troya)

Prince Paris and a heavy bowman at Wilusa's entrance

Paris is a Caesar elf with a longer skirt. Bowman is a Hat roman auxiliary with a Caesar head.

Warriors of Wilusa

A better view of the entrance. Notice the temple behind with the  sun.
The entrance is the Arco de Bará momument souvenir from Tarragona.

These warriors are Newline dacians with a new longskirt 

Bowmen near the river.

Again the Caesar elfs are a good source for convesions. Notice the leather greaves.
Skirt had to be increased a little.

The control at the wooden bridge

Bowmen at the walls of Wilusa with Princess Cassandra

3 comentarios:

  1. Superb work. I am very impressed by your skill at painting these toy soldiers. Not easy.

  2. Really clever conversions and some great painting

  3. Very nice! using the Caesar Elfs is a great idea.