jueves, 3 de enero de 2013

The Lord of Sipan

Not a bronze age warrior, but it is also a historical period i do love. Mexoamericans and southamericans before the spanish conquest.

Probably not many have heard about this peruvian pre incan known as the "Señor de Sipan" a governor that ruled circa III century a.c. and possibly linked to the Mochican culture.

His grave was discovered in 1987 with all its treasure and clothes.

This is my personal interpretation in 1/72

This figure comes from Caesar Elfs (!) and has just a little conversion : ear rings, mace, and helmet from a spare metal persian shield.

His warrior companions also inspired from the remains of the tomb are also Caesar Elfs with some conversion. 

I would like to build up a small army with pre peruvian and mochica warriors.
A perfect descendant of the Atlantis world.

These bowmen are also Caesar Elfs...
To be honest. After i bought the box i did not know what to do with them...

Although weapons are not well known, maces and axes have been found in the tombs.
Some of these have been borrowed from egyptian cousins from the spare box.

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