sábado, 25 de enero de 2014

Nubian uprising

The Queen of the Lower Nile has decided it's time for more autonomy.

Queen Amanishaketto on her chariot

kushite infantry

Nubian bowmen

Negro bowmen (see some 25mm minifigs at same size than 1/72 Hat)

Hat Nubians

Wawat bowmen

Wawat infantry

But egyptians will not allow the nubians go very far

The nubian advance in a rush mob

There was an epic defence of the fort rejecting the egyptian forces once and again!

The tribe skirmishers poured arrows and arrows on the egyptian forces

Not spanish republican, just happened to be the flags on our wargame Club Dragon

The egyptian chariots manouvre

The nubians and  lybian mercanaries

Queen's pet

Riding to the battle she's wounded


The Caesar nubians push away the egyptian invaders...
A new time is arising in Egypt